FRONTLINE DEFENDERS Are The National Association for Gun Rights' Backbone

Your monthly support will help us:

Respond at a Moment's Notice

FRONTLINE DEFENDERS serve as modern-day Minutemen. Their automatic monthly contributions ensure we're always able to respond to the gun-grabbers' latest attacks on our Second Amendment rights.

Build for the Future

The steady stream of resources FRONTLINE DEFENDERS provide means I'm never forced to hold back during a hot fight, and instead can lay the groundwork for future victories.

Stand up to the Gun-Grabbers

BILLIONAIRE gun-grabbers like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros have deep pockets. But thousands of FRONTLINE DEFENDERS chipping in just $10 or $25 a month ensures we can stand up to them during election years and hot legislative fights.

FRONTLINE DEFENDERS Receive Exclusive Perks

Watch the video below to see all the perks of becoming a FRONTLINE DEFENDER:

Your commitment to the Second Amendment will entitle you to these special gifts, which you'll receive over the first year of your membership:

$10.00 Monthly Contribution:
Decal, Hat, T-Shirt, and Member Card

$25.00 Monthly Contribution:
Decal, Hat, T-Shirt, Golf Shirt, and Member Card

$50.00 Monthly Contribution:
Decal, Hat, T-Shirt, Golf Shirt, Member Card and Fleece

$100.00 Monthly Contribution
Decal, Hat, T-Shirt, Golf Shirt, Member Card, Fleece, and Plaque

This FRONTLINE DEFENDER member is the proud winner of a recent gun giveaway!


Automatic Entry into monthly gun giveaways, which could be a AR-15, high-end shotgun, or even a Barrett M82A1 .50 cal rifle;
Exclusive Gear Items you'll receive over the first year of your membership and you'll be eligible for extra premiums above and beyond what you see here;
Special Recognition as premier members. We have a dedicated team you can call to answer any questions about your membership or our ongoing legislative fights;
An Active Membership in the National Association for Gun Rights. You'll never be asked to renew your support as long as you keep your FRONTLINE DEFENDER membership active;
Peace of Mind knowing you're always making an impact to protect the Second Amendment freedoms you cherish.


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The FRONTLINE DEFENDER monthly contributor program is the backbone of the National Association for Gun Rights.

Signing up as a FRONTLINE DEFENDER ensures Second Amendment forces always have the funds to fight back against the gun-grabbers at a moment's notice.

That’s why the patriotic men and women who step up to become FRONTLINE DEFENDERS are eligible for all the exclusive recognition you see on this secure sign-up page.

And as long as you keep your membership active, you’ll be automatically entered to win a new gun each month -- like the Barrett 50 cal. M82A1 rifle, Daniel Defense AR-15, Benelli Super Black Eagle II or Savage Lapua we've given away recently!

So please sign up right away!

If you're already a FRONTLINE DEFENDER and would like to update your membership, please click here.

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, please click here to print out a contribution form and mail it to: National Association for Gun Rights P.O. Box 1776 Loveland, CO 80539
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